The Production Tower


In the center of the creative industry complex Strijp-S in Eindhoven you will find the Productiontower.
The Tower offers a foundation within the multidisciplinary field of activities and realization of productions and events. The sky is the limit for the Production tower, driving for extraordinary results without limitations.

The Productiontower = Live Communicating Producing and Organizing and has everything in place to:

1. bring every production to the next level
2. execute
3. bring your message to the world

Communi’cate = 1 connect 2 personal contact; speak
Produ’ce = 1 bring forth 2 generate, make , culture grow
Organi’ze = 1 arrange, shape 2 launch


The sky is the limit!

Prospect and field of activity

(Inter) national large projects. Located somewhere downtown, or in a building organized in an open or private manner.
The sky is the limit!

The Productiontower knows a diversity of clients. They emanate from the area of business, government, cultural institutions, non-profit organizations and the field of education.

Assignments | projects
• One or multiple day music-, cultural-, business to business-, corporate events
• Openings, Open days, Product and/or Company presentations
• Award shows, seminars, conventions
• (Inter) national fairs and exhibitions
• Invent and design formats and concepts
• ……………
Whatever you can think of

The tower heartily thinks/works with you in development, policy formulation and realizing of a project/message and the actual implementation of this.

Tasks and Expertises

The Tower relieves, and contributes gladly to your success!

Whatever shape of live communication you choose, if it is an event-, music-, dance-, or theatre production.
Mostly a production consists of cycles in the creation and success of the production.

Why and How to shape things and What will be worked on. 

The Tower gladly wants to think along and contribute in guiding this process, whereby you can without any concern enjoy quality time with you and your target audience in the center.

Either you need help with development of a concept the feasibility or positioning. The actual execution with al it’s aspects like staffing, purchasing, acquisition, programming, invitation policy, registration, construct and dismantling etcetera.

 The Tower relieves, and contributes gladly to your success!
You choose the area and level on which you want to make use of the Productiontower expertises, this can include the end to end control of the project and/or an agreed part or tasks.

SPECIALISMS | EXPERTISES within The Productiontower
• Research, development and advice, (idea to concept to realization)
• Project management, execution and budgeting (execution from A to Z)
• Logistics and contracts
• Programming
• Purchasing and Facility management
• Marketing and Communication (online and offline)

Contact with The Production Tower

We like to hear from you!

Saskia Holterman is the originator and creative mind behind the Productiontower. With her years of experience as project manager, concept creator and policy maker, building on an extensive network of professionals, the Productiontower is the organization for you to realize your ideas and goals.

For enquiries and/or arranging an appointment

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“The Productiontower loves to work with great people,
nice organizations, and to contribute to cool initiatives!”